White Paper

Light Paper v1.0.



Soya Coin is a Stable Coin form of digital payment token backed by real estate properties that provides individuals and organizations with a secure, transparent, and decentralized method of exchanging and storing value, without the risk of suffering significant fluctuation of the value. This project is powered by the innovation of blockchain, which provides an auditable and cryptographically secured global ledger in which this stable coin takes advantage to transact in a quicker way than the traditional method and maintain accountability and transparency over the transactions. The assets that back the stable coin exist to ensure less variation of value in exchange operations and was valued by one of the Big Four companies of the world.



This document presents information about the Soya Coin Token, its usage and merchantability and provides relevant information about the eligibility of the users of the Platform and the owners of the token. This document also presents relevant risk factors that may surround the usability and storage of the token. Read this document carefully before starting using the platform, the token or investing in it.

For any mention of KPMG or its services contained in this Whitepaper, please consider that: (i) KPMG’s work, subject of this Proposal, has been done for the Client’s (SoyCycle LTD) internal and exclusive decision-making purposes, and (ii) third parties should conduct their own independent analysis and consultation before making any decision based on the final value related to the fixed assets evaluated by KPMG.



This offering is the token offering of a Stable Coin. A stable coin, considering its most common format, is a payment token with some stabilization mechanism behind it. Stable coins appeared on the cryptocurrency market in an attempt to solve a very common characteristic of general cryptocurrencies, volatility. This characteristic, besides for those who try to profit on this fluctuation, turns into a risk of loss of value on big transactions or onto daily usage. The Stable Coins are usually pegged to physical assets which grants less fluctuation of its valuation (Tether, for example, is pegged to United States Dollars by the accumulation of a USD – fiat currency – reserve on a bank account).


This particularly offering aims to raise funds to expand the pool of the real estate properties that back the token, and consequently enable the issuance of new tokens to the market, and to provide funds to keep the platform up and running, from the technological to the legal part of it. Also, it aims to prove a business model of liquidation for non-liquid assets, such as real estate properties. 


This token offering will distribute Soya Coin Token among several users to disseminate the usage of the token through several operations, from single and daily financial transactions to relevant and of a significant volume operation.


The token offering, during the private sale, will be made exclusively by Soy Cycle LTD, a private limited company incorporated in the United Kingdom. The public sale, when it takes part, will be made by Soy Cycle GmbH, a private limited company incorporated in Switzerland. Both companies will be called in this document as “Seller”, . During the private sale, Soy Cycle LTDis the only entity that has the right to sell Soya Coin Tokens. During the public sale, the user will be able to acquire tokens on Soya Coin’s platform and on some global exchanges where the token may be listed.




This Token Offering is intended for international purchasers based worldwide, excluding persons with residence/nationality on the United States of America, FATF high-risk jurisdictions, as well as any other country where the purchase of cryptocurrencies is legally forbidden, such as, but not limited to, China, Algeria, Bolivia, Ecuador, Morocco and Pakistan, in addition to persons located in any of the jurisdictions blacklisted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the United Nations and in those nations in which the regulation of securities forbid the public sale of Tokens without an authorization of the local authority.


Since this token did not represent a security and is not a security/asset token, the token is very similar in its market purpose and usage as a bitcoin. The main difference between the bitcoin and the Soya Coin token is the assets that back its value, however, as these assets are non-convertible assets and the users are not able to claim any right against the company, any of its assets or its profits, it does not represent any security. Considering this and, as the similarity of functions of other payment tokens as Litecoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin and others, the Soya Coin token will be available to United States citizens and residents through cryptocurrency exchanges, but not during the public offering.



The Soya Coin Tokens are “Stable Coin Token” kind and it WILL NOT (i) provide legal ownership over the Issuer’s or any other of the companies of the corporate matrix shares or assets; (ii) represent debt owed by the Issuer or any other of the companies of the corporate matrix to the Token holders; nor (iii) provide voting/governance/typical shareholding rights related to the Issuer or any other of the companies of the corporate matrix.


The tokenization market is surrounded by risk factors which are mitigated by our corporate and legal structure. However, you may be aware of the risks of this market and how it works, especially regarding its transaction features. Also, there are business related risk factors, which may vary from the possibility of our bankruptcy to some embargo, confiscation or blockage of our project and platform by government entities. By acquiring the Tokens, you acknowledge that you fully understand all the risks involved and that you are legally able to make this statement, as well as you guarantee that you will not incur in any claim or any measure to contest this point and seek compensation from the Issuer or any of the companies of the corporate matrix out of any loss or result of this purchase or acquisition. 


If some of the above-mentioned possibilities, specially the government embargoes or confiscation, which we may not foresee, you may be subject to loose the entire amount paid to acquire Tokens, have your wallet blocked, may not be able to withdrawal your tokens out of our platform or have limitations on the transactions inside the platform.




No person has been or is authorized to give any information or representation not contained in this Light Paper in connection with the Issuer and its business and operations or the Tokens that are being sold and, if given, such information or representation must not be relied upon as having been authorized by or on behalf of the Issuer. The user must always consider the information contained in this Light Paper  or in the further White Paper, as the valid and most updated ones. The user is exclusively responsible by its knowledge about the terms and content of this Light Paper, to keep updated on the changes that will be made on this document. The most updated Light Paper version will be always available at 




Any token holder, either acquiring the tokens during the Token Offering or in the secondary market, will be subject to all applicable KYC/AML policies that may be in place at the time of the purchase, being subject to periodic assessment and routines in this regard. Failure to comply with the KYC/AML procedures and routines applicable to the purchase of Tokens shall prevent the purchase of the Tokens or the imposition of sanctions on purchasers, including the freeze of funds, mandatory cancellation or redemption of Tokens through our smart contract or any other measure that the Issuer may deem appropriate to meet the applicable regulatory requirements. 


If the user acquires, stores or trade tokens through other exchange or wallet or use any other method different of those authorized by this Company, he/she shall be subject to the exchange’s KYC/AML procedures and, if it do not meet the conditions of compliance of them, they will not be able to acquire Soya Coin Tokens.



There exists a vast array of assets in the world which people freely choose as a store of value, a transactional medium, or an investment. The main goal of successful cryptocurrencies is to eliminate any unnecessary intermediate and optimize transactions between users either on transaction costs or in time spent on each transaction. However, several cryptocurrencies suffer from market volatility, turning into a non-reliable tool of transactions or storage, since there is an enormous risk of loss of value during a common transaction or while the token is been hold, as a reserve of value or during the conversion of a cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency or even fiat currency.

With that in mind, Stable Coins appeared on the market to grant less volatility on their prices during any transaction, bringing more confidence to the user in using a cryptocurrency on daily or big transactions. Most of the Stable coins are pegged and backed by a counterpart of its issuance cap, in an equal value fiat currency reserve.

This reserve in fiat currency may cause several problems, such as block of bank accounts, as some countries do not embrace the cryptocurrency usage and allow banks to block the accounts, certain volatility depending on the currency used (such as third world currencies like Brazilian Real) and be subject to any monetary politic of the country in which the fiat money is issued and used as its main currency (such as war, money printing, interest rates, etc.)

Soya Coin, is a stable coin cryptocurrency, pegged to the value of the USD, backed by certified real estate (and possibly other concrete assets in the future) and created to work as a universal payment instrument and value storing, protection and transfer system. This strategy allowed the project to avoid some potential issues regarding fiat currencies.



The Soya Coin Token is a stable coin really backed by concrete, measurable and accessible value. The token is backed by land properties valued by KPMG. The first batch of real estate properties was already valued at more than USD 40,000,000.00 (forty million united states dollars). This properties are being acquired through promissory contracts of purchase, in which payments will be made in the course of the business, and the use and enjoyment of the properties are already authorized to be carried out right now;

This vein of the project opens up a possibility of business expansion, through which the company has the capacity to increase its volume of issued and backed tokens through the entry of new investors who have the intention of digitalize and give more liquidity to their real estate assets, selling the properties that will back the issuance of the new tokens in exchange for Tokens. This feature is already structured to  issue new lots of Soya Coin Token, to match new assets which are made available for value pairing and backup.

Soya Coin business road map is focused in starting by inserting the created token as a payment system on the general market and the expand to relevant industries sectors, specially agribusiness, mining, construction and other industry sectors, in which some key players have a relevant role as both a big seller and buyer, thus paying with a money which will later return to itself, cutting trading and financial costs in the whole money cycle in this industry.

Being used in these economic micro-systems will allow its players to better adjust their margins and save not only in fluctuation costs, but also in all the intermediary fees in the several sequential transactions.

Parallel to the developments above, an extremely easy to use app and website, which is already available, plus a set of tutorials and cost/fee incentives will allow for the smooth use of SoyaCoin by shops and general commercial transactions.

Via a fee incentive scheme, giving bonuses to the users who bring new users or which reach certain amounts of transactions, shops and users in general will be pushed to help spreading SoyaCoin and reaching higher adoption levels, organically in different regions and communities, but also taking advantage of the used volumes and fees, as well as of the liquidity provided, by the expanding user base.

Else, biometrics and other technologies are being used to bring new and revolutionary forms of using SoyaCoin as the easiest and most convenient form of payment and of value storage.

All of these features, along with the assets that back the token are only possible with a proper technology that powers the platform and the token.

To promote the usage of this token and spread it in an organic way, we will perform a road show to present the project and negotiate with investors in some of the major cities in the world (London, Zürich, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles/Silicon Valley), prospecting clients and partners and legitimating the project through participation in some of the main Blockchain and Crypto entities in the world as a legitimation stamp, such as the Crypto Valley Association and/or the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, among others.



Soya Coin is an Ethereum based token (ERC-20) in a proprietary platform and system (non-white label), including wallet and an in-platform / in-app conversion system between SOY tokens, BTC and ETH, giving instant access to any crypto exchange in the world.

The platform has a customized admin board in which fees, transactions, users and KYC/AML info can be stored, tracked and monitored, all GDPR/LGPD compliant.

The tokens are pre-mined and new tokens can be mined following the increase of the real estate pool that backs the cryptocurrency, which will be more detailed in chapter 8. All these technological and project definitions are strictly connected to the assets that back the token and its valuation. Only this direct connection ensures the stability of the token as well as the transparency of the platform.


The first batch that backs the Soya Coin Token is valued by KPMG at more than USD 40 million. The platform is structured to be scalable with the issuing of new lots of Soya Coin Token to match new assets which are made available for value pairing and backup by investors and the Soya Coin company.

The tokens issuance is limited to 50% of the value of the pool of assets. Every asset must be valued by KPMG or one of the Big 4. Even the assets that will be further added to the pool, both from investors or by the Company, must be valued to be included in the pool.

This model may increase the usage of the token as well as give liquidity to those assets that have not easy liquidity in short terms. By selling the real estate properties in exchange of tokens, the investor will have quick liquidity to his/her asset and embrace the project and enjoy its features.



The Soya Coin Token, for being a stable coin, has several applications in several market areas. From daily transactions for individuals to big and relevant sales over the world between corporations, a stable coin enjoys an environment that gives room to low transaction fees, the confirmation of the transfer is basically instantaneously and  this tool enjoys and provide to the user of all features of a blockchain, such as transparency, safety, traceability and so on.

In the following sub chapters, we list some potential users that may be interested in using Soya Coin.


There are several kinds of users on the cryptocurrency market. There are the daily traders, which seek to earn profits over the variation of the cryptocurrencies value; the “holders”, that hold all their crypto (usually Bitcoin), hoping for a gigantic earning in long term; those who use to transact tokens between countries and; those who seek for access to the financial system (unbanked persons) and several other kinds of users of the crypto market.

Almost every of these users may take advantage of using Soya Coin Token, as its Stable Coin features grants some sort of stability on transactions. For example, (i) for those trades who try to profit on daily transactions, they have a quick, reliable and digital safe space to trade their tokens during each cycle of variation of the traded token, kind like a “safe space” in where it protects the assets from volatility (for example, during the 2020 dump, in which the Bitcoin reached almost USD 3,500, the trader would have the option to acquire Soya Coin Token, before the dump, protect the value of its assets, acquire BTC when it reached its lowest value, and profit over it, without the necessity to exchange fiat money); (ii) the ones that intend to transact between the borders of its countries, have a stable tool to use to send “money” to their destination, without the risk of loss of value regarding a possible plummet. In this case, for example, we may reach those users in third world countries which have a strict policy over their monetary politics (such as Argentina, Venezuela, etc.) and need to send money or receive from their relatives that lives abroad or also, those entrepreneurs which provide services to people of other countries and want to receive their payments in a quick, cheap and reliable way; (iii) for the unbanked person, especially for the third world (where is our start point), we developed a tool in which they can use and trust without the fear of pay expensive fees for banks and be subject for an irresponsible financial management of their homeland government, and promote the usage in a simple, intuitive and quick app or website. And there are enormous other possibilities regarding P2P (peer-to-peer) transactions. Almost every transaction that you can imagine and you promote on your daily basis, can be made using Soya Coin Token.



Usually the general commerce and the industry sector want to focus on their business, on their sales and profits. The payment methods are seen, over several kinds of businesses, especially those which sell goods and services abroad, as an expensive, bureaucratic and slow part of their businesses. 

What if those merchants could have a quick, not expensive, low volatility and reliable tool to promote their daily sales? Well, using Soya Coin Token they will develop the environment with the above-mentioned characteristics and ease their daily operations, especially on the transaction part. By using the token, the merchant will lower its transactional cost, which in a medium term may turn into a relevant benefit for its business.



The Soya Coin Token can work as a tool of payment, for several industry and commerce sectors, giving to the entrepreneurs the possibility to trade (pay and receive) their money almost instantaneously, with less bureaucratic steps and less paperwork.

When the token reaches some relevant sectors like agribusiness, mining, construction and supermarkets or even other commercial business sectors in which some key players have a relevant role as both a big seller and buyer, for goods or services, thus paying with a token which will later return to itself, it will cut trading and financial costs in the whole money cycle in this industry.

In the Soya plantation financing, for example, variations in costs reach up to 30-40% in a 6 (six) months cycle. Being used in these economic micro-systems will allow its players to better adjust their margins and save not only in fluctuation costs, but also in all the intermediary fees in the several sequential transactions.


Most of the exchanges understand that the traditional financial system can be complicated, risky, slow, and expensive, since they will be subject to the regulations of several central banks and be subject to political and financial measures of the governments around the world. Analyzing this panorama, the exchanges of cryptocurrency developed an environment where the users can easily exchange cryptocurrencies between them. However, in a certain point, the users must deposit or withdrawal fiat currencies to the usage of a payable currency in daily transactions based on a “most stable” currency (such as USD, EUR, CHF) or to use as a safe storage to promote trading on the cryptocurrency market.

With that in mind, Stable Coins give to the exchange a possibility to offer to its user (and for itself) a tool to invest and store value using a quicker, safer, and less volatile way. Soya Coin can be used either as a storage tool or as a medium of exchange of value between cryptos which are used for trading (making these operations quicker and safer) or as a payment tool that grants to the peers a non-volatile payment tool.

The Soya Coin token will ease the operations of the exchange and of its users on day to day operations.



Regarding the storage of value and safekeep of Money, the most common cryptocurrencies are not seen as the best options, regarding its volatility. Also, if someone wants to store a large amount of money, they either need to go to a bank, or be exposed to fees from the financial institutions. Either it will store in cash, which will take a lot of physical space, besides the risk of doing it.

Safeguarding your reserves in a Stable Coin could be a better option. There is no need for a physical space to store it (at maximum a flash drive with a cold wallet), there is almost none variation of the value of the coin, the amount will be always safe thanks to the blockchain technology and forever auditable, and always available for transactions (there is no need to ask for the bank to transact a large amount of cash or pay a significant fee to take it out of the bank account. In this case, the user controls its reserve of money.



The Soya Coin Token already started big and will grow exponentially and fast. This exponential growth will be powered by the liquidity system of user’s assets worldwide.

The users which intend to earn quick liquidity over its real estate properties, which sometimes are hard or take too long to sell or are not profiting on its main purpose, will have the possibility to exchange its properties for a new lot of Soya Coin Tokens.

This properties that will be “incorporated” are traded by Soya Coin with a discount based in a difference between its valuation and an agreed value, thus making both the project scalable and attractive to people or company who look for liquidity for their assets, converting then in an universally tradable blockchain-based payment token.

All assets must be previously valued by one of the Big 4 consulting firms of the world (KPMG, Deloitte, EY and PwC) and should be transferred to Soy Cycle LLC, an UK-based company that holds the assets backing each Soya Coin.

All this project is only possible thanks to the smart matrixes of companies around the world that hold the project stand.

We also developed a roadmap over the marketing operations, to spread the usage of the Soya Coin Token over the world. We will perform a road show to present the project and negotiate with investors in some of the major cities in the world (London, Zürich, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles/Silicon Valley), as well as invest in digital marketing to reach the most part of the our market target users.

With all this project structure, that starts from the creation of a stable coin, the development of a payment and transaction tool, enlarges it to bigger businesses sectors and giving liquidity to real estate assets we aim to reach a significant slice of the cryptocurrency market.




The matrix of companies that power the project is formed by a UK company (Soy Cycle LTD.) that is the intellectual property owner and will be the holding company for the assets that back the coin.

A Swiss company will be formed to issue the Soya Coin Tokens and provide the asset management of it. This company will have a specific license to issue Stable Coin, and proper authorizations to transact its token around the world. Switzerland is one of the most trustable countries in the world, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies. We choose this structure to mitigate the risks to the end user of our token and platform.

Finally, a US (Delaware) company will be formed, to promote the business development of the project, ease US market access and act as a consulting company to the project and its affiliates.